June 14, 2007

After my 202 to my dad’s 226 in wii bowling, I buckled down and finished up the Octane Barista Certification prgram. I think this will be a great way to get people into the craft as well as refine them into the best baristas Atlanta has to offer. This is the email I’m sending out to the staff.

“Alright guys, the barista certification has been developed and is waiting for you to start the process! It is a three-part operation.

Part I: Consistency Skills

Grind. The grinder will be at an incorrect setting and the barista will adjust it to the proper grind size within 3 shots being pulled.
Dose. The barista will dose, distribute, tamp, then weigh the portafilter, it should be between18 and19 grams. No more than 19 and no less than 18. This will be completed twenty times in a row. The excess ground coffee that is distributed off the edge of the portafilter will then be weighed and will not weigh more than forty(40)-grams, to prove minimal waste.
Milk. To test milk-texturing skills, the barista will pour a heart in a macchiato, and rosettas in both a cappuccino and a latte.

Once this section is passed, the barista will be able to attempt the second portion of the certification.

Part II: The Written Exam

This will be a 100-question test, to judge the barista’s coffee knowledge. All of the questions will be directly out of the Octane manual and will be multiple choice. To pass this section the barista will have to receive at least an 84%, since that is a prestigious score in the cup of excellence program.

There is one final portion to be completed after the written section is passed.

Part III: Competition Evaluation

We all know that barista competitions are a big part of the community, so the third part of the Octane Barista Certification will be a mock competition. It will be slightly altered to be only against yourself and the numbers. There will be only two sensory judges and one technical judge and one will act as the head judge to break a tie in scores if necessary. The barista will pass if a certain score is reached. The score sheets for the competition will be passed out once the barista has passed the first section of the process to begin learning how they are scored.

On passing all three sections you will be an Octane Certified Barista! You will pick out and receive your own tamper, as well as a membership to the Barista Guild of America, and perhaps more goodies.
We will all learn a lot through this and we will all be badass baristas. If you want to sign up for additional training or start on the certification, I’ll be posting a sheet on the kitchen door on Monday and contact me if you want training with Chris Owens at the CCC training center.
Thanks guys! I’m really excited.”

I hope it goes over well and all the kids start signing up as soon as they read it.

12 Responses to “certified”

  1. Dan said

    that is awesome! i don’t think i would be able to pass any of the three parts on the first try, which is, as i mentioned before, AWESOME! good luck and please let us know how it goes.

  2. Where is the fridge? I want to sign up but I can’t find the fridge. Where is that confounded fridge? You are so awesome. We miss you.

  3. resting said

    holy crap.



  4. lucey said

    can’t wait to hear how this goes for you…
    you’ll get many rants about organizing something like this, and the adventures of it becoming a reality…
    nice work.

  5. lucey said

    rants from us that is… i’d love to swap ‘war stories’

  6. lucey said

    kudos for getting those involved with the BGA… get them on the boards with all their questions or comments. we have a couple baristas at ACR wanting to get onto coffeed but can’t due to restricted membership, i say get that BGA board bumpin again!

  7. liftoff said

    within three shots? c’mon…do it in one or go home

  8. danielhumphries said

    It’s all just so beautiful.

    *wipes a single tear away*

  9. kira said

    howdy miss…magical!
    ps keep up the good work.

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