Watch Out Gainesville!

September 2, 2007

Yesterday, during my rather slow Saturday, Labor Day weekend, opening shift I had the privilege of talking to a lovely couple. They are about to open a shop in Gainesville, FL. As soon as they said Florida thoughts of some recent blog posts and especially their comments ran through my mind. But I pushed those thoughts aside and had a great conversation, barista to owners. We talked about bar layout, coffee roasters, Clovers, milk, blogs, tea, Alton Brown, and how we both want coffeed memberships. After an hour or so the “true“th came out. He was embarrassed that I knew who he was. He was eloquent, had realistic ideals, knows exactly what he wants and I think they will open a great shop and it will be the beginning for the Floridian coffee movement!

Here’s a couple of shots from the last tasting… honey.




Here’s J.T. Hall, the first to attempt the written part of Octane’s Barista Certification..jt-takes-the-exam.jpg

3 Responses to “Watch Out Gainesville!”

  1. […] it’s amazing what a little fresh, guileless opinionating will do for an aspiring florida shop owner’s reputation. take the jon the barista poet’s genial response … now, jon could be just basking in a fresh perspective — or, he could be working to co-opt the nonconformist with subtle flattery! similarly, is m’lissa merely recounting her day on the bar, or is “true” now being publicly stalked across the southeast? […]

  2. […] foods is a great way for baristas to learn to taste and develop their palate. Here is Octane’s Honey tasting, and they have done nuts and […]

  3. Honey tastings and written certification tests????

    Sheesh, I don’t know if I could pass Octane’s certification!!!

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