October 20, 2007

The day started with the first competitor, from here in Clearwater I believe, walking off stage at 4 minutes into her time because her grind was still not dialed in. I thought, “Wow, half the competitors who are still in it, will make it to the finals, this should be interesting.”


Lem was second and so cool, like the cucumbers he used in his signature drink he prepared for the judges first, followed by capps then espressos.


Katie Duris, from Murky, was up next. She seemed so calm, soft spoken and put on a sweet performance with lavender and cocoa butter in her special drink.


Shannon from Coffee and Crema in Greenville, SC did a really fantastic job. Let’s remember again that this guy owns a sweet little shop in the mall and works on a very shiny Faema E-61, so working on the La Marzocco was a challenge in itself, and the ridged baskets were frustrating for the guy. But, his shots of a special Terroir roasted Kenya were right on the money.


When my girl Danielle hit the stage the crowd cheered. She had goldfish as her centerpiece and the most charming introduction. She pulled both portafilters at the same time for all three drinks and her signature bev was a chilled take on a martini, with juniper berries, jasmine and Darjeeling tea.

Katlin Davis (Terry Davis’ daughter) competed next. She wore a Betty Page waitress outfit with towering heels while we listened to Christina Aguilera and Amy Winehouse. She blended together almonds, that she toasted herself last night, and steamed milk and added espresso for her special concoction.


Curtis Patton, the third member of Team CCC, performed second to last. His dosing was so fast and smooth it was like a hummingbird in flight. He used a non-alcoholic amaretto in his signature drink, served glassware that matched his table set-up that matched his table cloth that matched his tie. Smooth.


Ashlund was the final performance of the first round. She was competing out of region for Starbuck’s in Texas. She wore her green apron with pride and served Starbuck’s Anniversary Blend. Her performance was synced with her own voiced over music about her coffee icons, including Alfred Peet and Howard Shultz.

all-the-competitors.jpgall the competitors

After a quick lunch break we came back to hear the finalists announced. And they are:

Lem Butler from Counter Culture Coffee
Ben Helfin from Octane Coffee in ATL
Danielle Glasky from Octane Coffee in ATL
Shannon Hudgens from Coffee & Crema in Greenville, SC
Katie Duris from Murky Coffee in Washington, D.C.
Michelle Rae Bradicich from Pheasant Creek Coffee


I am so proud of everyone. I am especially proud of Danielle and Ben, they worked so hard, and this a huge accomplishment for their first competitions!

p.s. 5 of the 6 finalists used Counter Culture Coffee! Go CCC! Go Octane!

5 Responses to “SERBC DAY 2”

  1. dan griffin said

    goooooooooooooooooo octane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I helped Shannon and Alex from Coffee & Crema practice several times. I am telling you that the espresso blend he used brought tears to my eyes and I even awoke a couple times during the night thinking about that SPRO! That is some amazing stuff.

    Congrats Shannon and I will see you guys on Tuesday ready to here the stories!

    Good luck on the morrow!

  3. true said

    Here’s a flickr feed of shots from my perspective as a runner during the event…

    SCAA Hands-on Workshop

    Sorry that I don’t have shots of all the competitors. Between work and bad lighting conditions, I didn’t have much to work with.

  4. m'lissa said

    Awesome! Thanks for posting them!

  5. […] of time. none advanced to the finals, and most completely flamed out, disqualifying themselves or walking off the stage in embarrassment. some brought rowdy fan contingents, then immediately disappeared after the obligatory routine. an […]

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