October 22, 2007

The finals can be relived at several various places, including Chemically Imbalanced and Counter Culture C0ffee’s Boardroom forum, and even through pictures at Chris Owens’ flickr, so to say I can’t actually recall most of the event shouldn’t be that much of a let down. I will say that everyone performed exceptional, and most did better in the finals than during the primary round.

When the winners were announced I stood in tears. I am so proud of Ben and Danielle. To be first time competitors and for Ben to have me, a first time coach (Chris with the assist), and Danielle to have Chris coaching (I was his assistant) for the first time, is such a major feat.

And now I have a couple of rants… It was freezing in the venue (Ben’s-signature-drink-chocolate-didn’t-melt -properly-cold), there was no food for the vegetarians (I ate potato salad and cookies all weekend) and to top it off the hosts of the event were not even watching the finals! I couldn’t believe it, not only was there no prize money (not that we do this for the money, but it is nice) there wasn’t recognition of 4th, 5th, and 6th place winners let alone trophies for them. This was Ben and Danielle’s first time even seeing a competition and Chris and I are extremely disappointed that this was their first, there was a lack of the “community”, it was poorly organized for the crowd that traveled to be there, and done purely for “return on investment for the sponsors”. And yes, that’s a quote.

Ok, I’m done. We did have quite a bit of fun.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible for Octane. Thank you Counter Culture Coffee for your precious beans. Thank you Tim Hill for roasting said beans. Thank you Tony for the financial support. And finally, thank you everyone who worked doubles so that we could be in Florida for three days!


coach and champ in a daze over 2nd place

2 Responses to “Stoked!”

  1. Shannon said

    … there wasn’t recognition of 4th, 5th, and 6th place winners let alone trophies for them …

    Yeah, I want at least a peanut-sized piece of glass!


    Congrats again Ben and Danielle!

  2. […] undermines the beverages being crafted. it also, apparently, gives the organizing gurus an excuse not to support the contest they’ve paid to bring to florida. which raises a sober sort of question: why would the syrup people and the roaster people and even […]

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